Main Schemes for Financial Help

money helpLiving in the UK just got a little tougher especially if you are down on your luck, without employment or have little to no income.
With Crisis Loans ending in all British areas except Northern Ireland, those that came to rely on this emergency funding will need to look to new sources of financial help.
It is a good thing there are still a number of loan options available to those that need a financial scheme to get over the difficult financial hardship they may be experiencing.

Budgeting Loans
Budgeting Loans are available in the UK to anyone that has received, is receiving or will receive specific government financial assistance schemes within the past 26 weeks. You must still be on one of the qualifying schemes when your application is assessed for a Budgeting Loan. The qualifying schemes that you must be receiving in order to be qualified for a Budgeting Loan include, income support, income-based Jobseekers Allowance, income-related Employment and Support Allowance,  or a pension credit. The Budgeting Loan program is eligible to help you pay for rent, household furniture or equipment, clothing, moving expenses, travelling expenses, improving or maintaining your home, maternity or funeral expenses, things to aid in your search for employment or to repay a debt instrument you took out for any of the above mentioned items.

Income Support
There are a number of qualifying conditions to receive Income Support from the government, the main condition that you and your partner receive very little to no income currently. You must be between 16 years of age and pension qualifying age, working less than 16 hours per week, living in the UK except Northern Ireland, and have less than £16,000 in savings. You must also not be receiving ESA support or be a young person receiving support from a local authority. The minimum weekly payment if you qualify is £57.35 to a maximum of £113.70.

Employment and Support Allowance is financial support for those workers that are ill or disabled and is as financial support if you are unable to work or a subsidy personalised to your situation if you are able to work part time. To qualify for ESA you must go to a Work Capability Assessment during your ESA assessment period to determine your ability to work. If you are entitled to ESA you will be placed in either a work-related activity group with mandatory regular interviews with an advisor or in a support group with no interviews.

Local Authority
The last main scheme that can aid you in financial distress is that of your local council or authority. Depending on your location in the Isles, you will need to contact a County Council or your local Borough, District or City Council. These councils generally have responsibilities to their citizens including social care.

If you are suffering a financial hardship due to instability in your employment or a recent illness or disability, each of the above options can provide supplemental income to help you manage your financial burdens. Learn about other important benefits for financial assistance here.


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