Loan Options

When applying for a loan it is important to understand the terms of the contract including all fees that may be applicable. Not all loans and lenders are created equal and it is critical to stay away from companies with poor lending practices, high interest rates and exorbitant fees.

Be very careful when engaging specialty lenders that provide immediate funding with minimal approval criteria. The costs of obtaining these loans can be very high and should you have any issues with repayments, you may find yourself in a difficult situation resulting in bad credit and debt.

Below are some low income loan and money options:

Loans for people on benefits
Find grants and low interest
benefits loan options.

Loans for pensioners
Seniors often have a hard time
qualifying for loans – Find options here

Loans for bad credit
Bad credit can limit your options for loans,
find alternative options here

Loans for emergencies
An unexpected crisis can happen at
anytime – Find financial assistance here

Loans for single parents
As a single income earner money can be
tight – Find financial assistance here

Loans for unemployed
Get financial help through loans and
benefits during unemployment periods

Financial Counselling Help
Get help across all financial situation
one phone call for the help you need

Better Money Options
If you are in need of financial assistance, a loan
may not be the best option. Review this list of
grants and benefits first

Other types of financing options:
The below loan options are for informative purposes and are not recommendations. If you are under financial pressure, we would suggest speaking to a free financial counsellour first and look at possible grants and benefits first before borrowing.

Logbook Loans
Learn about what a logbook loan is and
how it works – Is this a good option for you?

Guarantor Loans
If you are having issues qualifying for a loan
this is a possible solution – See how it works.

Text Loans
Text loans are gaining in popularity for their
speed of funding but are they a good option?

Short term Loans
There are numerous short term loan lenders in the UK.
Learn about the pros/cons and which are the cheapest.