7 Tips for Selling Stuff to Make Money

make moneyWhether the cleaning bug has hit your home or you are feeling pressed for a little extra cash, getting rid some of your assets can be a quick way to get a little extra money in your hands. Before you haul out the table for a yard sale or start posting ads in the newspaper, here are a few tips to give yourself the best chances of clearing out some clutter and making a little extra money:

Kiss sentiments good-bye: Keep this mantra in mind when you are going through your home and looking for items to sell: If you don’t use it. Lose it. That boom-box you haven’t used in 15 years (but still works great), may bring back memories of high school, but it’s taking up space and it could earn you a little cash. If you have not used it in the last year (and truly do not anticipate any scenario in the near future where you will need it), get rid of it.

Know what sells: One of the keys to successful de-splurging is recognizing what will get you cash and what will not. Popular things that sell: furniture, sports equipment, electronics, DVDs, vehicles, children’s clothing and phones. Surprisingly people will buy pretty much anything you have to offer, but any of the above listed are likely to sell faster.

Price it right: You may think that your beloved Bon Jovi poster is worth $50, but it probably is not. Before you list something for sale, consider how long you have had it. Look for the original price you paid and find how much other people charging for the same item. Based on the condition of your item and average sales price, you can come up with a fair price. Be prepared to negotiate.

Yard Sales: If you have a lot of clutter to get rid of, consider a yard sale. Be aware that people head to yard sales looking for deals, so do not price your items too high and be ready to accept a little less than your asking price. You do not have to accept every offer, but you probably do not want to shoot down every offer either. To maximize crowds, try advertising a few days before you plan to hold the yard sale.

Online Sales: Some items, like cars, sell better online. More people will see advertisements placed on news boards and other sites. You may even be able to post your ad free. Do not be surprised when someone is willing to pay for your junker. Even if your car does not run you can probably get at least $100 for the parts.

Clean it up: Whether you plan to sell your items online or at a yard sale, clean it up. Wash clothing, vacuum out vehicles and wipe off dishes and toys. If they look clean and nice, it is going to be a lot easier to sell.

Meet somewhere neutral: Unless you are hosting a yard sale at your home, avoid inviting someone to your home to buy an item. Consider meeting somewhere like a grocery store, to avoid attracting potential burglars to your residence. Always use safety when you are meeting with someone you meet online.

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