How to Enjoy a Budget

ID-100140135Does your household budget leave you very little money left for entertainment expenses? If so, do not make the mistake of thinking that this means that you will not have any fun. There are great ways to enjoy life and still stick to your budget.

Below is a list of several things you can do to have fun and still stay within your budget. These thrifty entertainment ideas are perfect for people of all ages. Save money and have a great time!

Dine In
Eating out at a fancy restaurant can be a wonderful and relaxing experience, but can also take up your entire entertainment budget in just one evening. If the nice atmosphere is what you are looking for, then recreate that mood at your home. Make one of your favourite dishes, pull out your good dishes and get some inexpensive candles for your table. In the background, you can play some nice music and everything will be almost as nice as any restaurant. While you do have to cook the meal yourself, you will also have complete privacy to enjoy a nice dinner with your loved one, for half of the cost.

Enjoy the Outdoors
When the weather is nice outside, you should head to the outdoors. There are plenty of things to do outside that are absolutely free of charge, such as going on a picnic, spending the day at the beach, hiking or going for a bike ride. You can even invite your friends and family to join you. Learn about the different options available in your area and be creative, you will be surprised by how many things you can find to do outside that cost little, to no money at all.

Have a Pot Luck Dinner
If you enjoy having your friends over for dinner on a regular basis, but cannot afford the cost, try having a potluck dinner. You can supply the drinks and the main course and ask everyone to bring a side dish to share. This can not only reduce the cost of your dinner party, but be a lot of fun as everyone gets a chance to sample other people’s dishes.

Rent a Movie
As the cost of movie tickets keeps going up each year, more and more people are having a hard time fitting this into their budget. The good news is that newer movies are now coming out on DVD just a few months after they are at the theatre. This gives you the opportunity to wait a few months and rent the movie to watch at home versus going to the theatre. The cost of a renting a movie is less than just one ticket to go to the movie theatre.

Look Out for Free Events
Almost every city in Australia offers various free events throughout the year that are opened to the public, such as musicals, concerts, and plays. Check your local newspaper on a regular basis or contact your local community groups to find out what events are taking place near your location. These events are often held close to national or local holidays and offer a great way to have fun without spending any money at all.

Trade Babysitting Services
If you have a hard time going out because you cannot afford to pay the babysitter, consider trading these services with another couple. Offer to watch their children for a night, if they agree to watch your kids for a night. This will allow both you and your friends to enjoy one night out without paying for a sitter.

Whether on a tight budget or low income there are always an abundance of activities that can be done that require little to no money and are just as enjoyable as paid events. Quality time doesn’t need to come with a cost.

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