How Can a Financial Counsellor Help You?

ID-100181542You have probably already heard of financial counsellors and may even know that they help people with their financial issues. What you may not realise is exactly how meeting with a financial counsellor can help you? You may not know all the great services these counsellors offer and how these services can benefit your life.

The truth is that financial counsellors are willing and able to help you with any financial problem, issue, or question you may have. To help you get a clearer picture of how a financial counsellor can help you, several of their main services are listed below.

Clear Picture of Your Financial Status
Financial counsellors evaluate all of your finances, including your income, regular expenses and outstanding debt. They gather all of the information and then lay it out in a form that is easy to understand. They use this information to help you obtain a clear picture of your current financial status. This is an extremely important process because if you are having financial difficulties, it will be almost impossible to correct if you do not know what your financial problems are. Understanding where you stand financially will help gain better control of your finances.

Help You Get the Benefits You Deserve
The British government has set up a range of different benefits that are designed to help offset various household expenses. These benefits are specifically designed for low-income earners to help put more money back into their pocket. However, applying for these benefits can get a little complicated and if the application is not filled out properly, it could affect your benefits. A financial counsellor can help you through this process and make sure you get the benefits you deserve.

Work with Directly with Creditors
If you currently have any outstanding debt that needs to be paid off, financial counsellors can definitely help you. The counsellor will take a look at all your outstanding debt and help you determine how much money you have available each month to pay towards this debt. He/she will then contact each of your creditors directly to make reasonable payments arrangements for you. If you have ever tried to deal with a debt collector on your own, you will realise how beneficial these services can be.

Financial Planning
A financial counsellor can also help you set both short and long-term goals for your future. Even you have never set financial goals, a counsellor will work with your to create a plan that meets your needs. The counsellor will ask you to think about where you would like to be financially in five, ten or twenty years. For example, maybe you want to purchase a house, take a long overdue holiday, or even retire. The counsellor will work with you to create plan that will help you realise your dreams. Without proper planning and the help of a financial counsellor, you may not be able to meet your goals.

These are just a few of the great services that financial counsellors offer. Whether you have never met with a financial counsellor, or you have met with a counsellor numerous times in the past, now is the time to schedule your appointment. Once you have a clear picture of your current financial status, you can work with the counsellor to determine what other services you may need. For more information on financial counsellors and the organisations that provide these services, read more here.

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